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 In Hong Kong, disposable masks end up on beaches 

You can see the disaster in this video about Soko Island

Disposable surgical mask

Disposable FFP mask

Washable fabric mask


Effectiveness of respiratory masks for healthcare workers, in France

Test of air tightness of 9 FFP2 masks on 50 healthcare workers
If the respiratory mask does not adhere well to an individual's face, its effectiveness against aerosols is compromised, even if its performance has been tested and complies with standard EN 149: 2001.

The fit-test is a mode of operation allowing to check the tightness of a respiratory protection mask on an individual:
-Qualitatively: test based on the perception of a sweet or sour taste through the respiratory mask while performing some exercises. Any leakage on the face is revealed by the perception of taste.
-Quantitatively: test measuring the concentration of particles inside and outside the respiratory mask while performing some exercises. Any leakage on the face is revealed by an increase in the concentration of particles inside the respiratory mask. 

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Respiratory protection of staff in healthcare establishments: GÉRES-INRS 2008 Survey

Measurement of the rate of effectiveness of the air tightness of masks according to the morphology of the face 

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Sexism on the Covid-19 frontline: 
‘PPE is made for a 6ft 3in rugby player’

The NHS professional bodies, experts and unions have warned that the lives of health care workers are in danger as personal protective equipment is designed for men.
A critical care nurse found that half of the women in her unit failed the fit test

-Adding tape to reduce leaks around their jaws
-Leads to wounds on their faces caused by too tight masks
-Impaired vision 

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