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Product Description

- Reusable respiratory protection mask printed in 3D, 100% adapted to your morphology. The mask can be personalised thanks to a facial scan carried out using your iPhone X (or later version) or your iPad Pro. If you need help, look at our tutorial here.
- The Mimesis mask guarantees a maximum of comfort and seal
- This mask is composed of : 
1) a central piece, covering the mouth, chin and nose
2) a grid to lock the interchangeable filter 
- To be functional it is necessary to add a filter between the mask and the lock. We propose on our site a UNS1 type filter that can be washed 100 times. (Ref M005


1 mask (M001) + 5 filters (M005) + 2 grids (M003) + Elastic/clamp system (M007)


Ref M001

Materials : Thermoplastic - medical grade polyurethane                                             Attachment : Elastic with sliding cord stopper
Weight : 77 g                                                                                                                     Reusable : Yes 
Type of printing : SLS                                                                                                       

Product Care
The mask and filter are washable and reusable. We recommend changing the filter every 4 hours. There are several methods (below 60°C) for cleaning your mask: 

Method 1: Wash your mask several times a day with soap and water, making sure your mask is dry before putting it back on. 
Method 2: Wipe your mask several times a day with a non-porous disinfectant wipe or an alcohol spray. 
Method 3 (complementary): After removing the elastic, wash your mask in a washer-disinfector (less than 60°C) at least once a week.

MIMESIS by InovSys
Spare Parts

MIMESIS by InovSys




UNS1 type - MIMESIS by InovSys

Washable Filter (x 5)



MIMESIS by InovSys

Elastic - Clamp System



MIMESIS by InovSys

Face shield removable



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