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What is AnatoMask and how does it work? 

AnatoMask is a solution that customises protective face masks tailored fit to your face shape. Several mask designs are available. We propose our AnatoMask Complete Package, a full service where we customise and print your mask from a face scan. We also provide a customisation solution for those who want to print their own mask.

What are the advantages of AnatoMask compared to an ordinary face mask?

It’s reusable, easy to clean, perfectly sealed and fitted* to your face shape and comfortable for all-day wear.

*dependent on quality of face scan

What material is the AnatoMask made of?

The AnatoMask consists of two parts: 3D printed shell and replaceable filter. The 3D printed shell is made of medical grade thermoplastic-polyurethane and printed from high precision industrial printers. The filters are made of certified polyester fabric with our custom design.


Does AnatoMask work for people who wear glasses?
Yes, for people who wear glasses, the design takes into consideration a low profile of the nose. The made-to-measure design provides excellent sealing and does not create fogging in the glasses.
Does AnatoMask work for people who have a beard?
To wear any face mask including disposable ones, it is preferable to be shaved. Certain designs work well with those who have beards, but we can’t guarantee that the protection will be optimal.
Is AnatoMask suitable for all face shapes?
The AnatoMask customisation solution is capable of adapting the mask to any face shape, including those who have smaller faces, like those of young children.


How much does AnatoMask cost?

The complete AnatoMask package is sold for 170 €, excluding tax. The model with a removable face shield is sold for 180 €, excluding tax. If you are a distributor, please contact us for a quote.

What comes with the AnatoMask complete package?

The package contains a customized 3D Printed Mask shell, an attachment system, and a package of filters that are certified and washable 100 times.


How can I order a mask from AnatoMask ?
To use AnatoMask, you just need to have access to a smartphone (iOS iPhone X) or iPad Pro or a professional 3D scanner, and email address.
For the moment, access is limited to the latest generation of iPhones or iPads as they contain high definition 3D capture technology in the front camera.
We are working to find a solution for those on Android or other operating systems.
    Step 1: Get a face scan using the Bellus3D application (see tutorial on our website) and export the scan by email (1 € per export)
    Step 2 : Create an account on www.anatomask.fr, add the user's personal details and face scan, choose the mask design and proceed with the order
Do I need to print the masks myself?
No, you don’t need to print the masks yourself. You can use purchase our AnatoMask complete package and we will print the mask for you.

Face scan

How do I get my face scan?

If you don’t have access to a professional 3D scanner, you must download some applications available for iPhone or iPad. Follow the instructions in the application, if necessary a tutorial is available on our website(Link here)

Check the quality of the scan before exporting it, the whole face must be taken into account with a good resolution, especially the area under the chin.

What are the applications you recommend for the face scan?

We recommend that you use Bellus App (available on iOS only with iPhone X or later)

What happens if I don’t have an iPhone?

Try to find a friend who has access to one and can help you do the face scan. If you work in the medical field, you can go and find a prothesist/orthotist centre who can undertake the scan for you.

Some FabLabs may also be able to help you.

Can we use a photogrammetry application for the face scan?

It is possible but it is a complex process where often it’s not easy to get the correct scale.

You can find tutorials on the Internet and free apps to help you. Make sure that your final 3D model is at the correct scale.

What format do the face scan files need to be?


What is the best way to send you the face scan files?

The scans must be added to the user files to be created via an account on the e-shop.

Can I wear glasses when I do my face scan?

No, our algorithms for an optimal customisation requires that your face is completely clear and visible.

Can I do the face scan by myself?

Yes, some applications cited above allow you to scan your face easily without additional help from someone.


How do we get filters afterwards? How much are they?

Additional filters are available for purchase in the "Accessories" category for each mask design. The price depends on the model.

What filtration rate are the filters? Are they certified?

The filters are French government certified for use by professionals in contact with the general public (Category 1 Non-Medical Barrier Mask). A filtration of 97% of 3µm particles, 93% of 1µm particles for a new filter (French Defence Procurement Agency Report) and 91% of 3µm particles after 100 washes (French Insitute of Textiles and Clothing report according to the French Defence Procurement Agency test protocol) is guaranteed. The filtration performance is equivalent to that of surgical masks (standard NF EN 14683: filtration >95% of 3µm particles).


How to clean my mask and the filters ?

It is recommended to clean your mask after each use, either with an alcohol spray or a wipe with virucidal product, or with lukewarm water and mild soap when the mask is very dirty. The mask should not be exposed to temperatures more than 60°C.

It is recommended to change the filter every day or even every 4 hours depending on the intensity of use. The filter patches are washable 100 times each, in the machine at 60°C and then ironed at 120°C. 

3D printing

Can I use my own printer to print AnatoMask?

If you are professional, we can provide you the final files to print the masks yourself



When will I receive my AnatoMask?

From the date of payment, the delivery time will be around 10 business days in Europe. The shipping time can be longer in countries outside the EU.

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