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Product Description

- Reusable respiratory protection mask printed in 3D, 100% adapted to your morphology. The mask is personalised thanks to a facial scan carried out using your iPhone X (or later version) or your iPad Pro. If you need help, look at our tutorial here.
- The BigSides by AnatoScope guarantees a maximum of comfort and seal
-This mask is composed of :
1) a central piece covering the mouth, chin and nose
2) two grids, inserted in the filter part
3) two locks, inserted above the filter, to lock it and to change the filter
- To be functional it is necessary to add a filter between the grid and the lock. We propose on our site a UNS1 type filter that can be washed at least 100 times. (Ref A005)


1 mask (A001) + 6 filters (A005) + 2 locks (A004) + Elastic/clamp system (A007)


Ref A001

Material : Thermoplastic - medical grade polyurethane                       Attachment : Elastic with sliding cord stopper
Weight : 60g                                                                                             Reusable : Yes
Type of printing : SLS                                                                            

Product care
The mask and filter are washable and reusable. We recommend changing the filter every 4 hours. There are several methods (below 60°C) for cleaning your mask: 
Method 1: Wash your mask several times a day with soap and water, making sure your mask is dry before putting it back on. 
Method 2: Wipe your mask several times a day with a non-porous disinfectant wipe or an alcohol spray. 
Method 3 (complementary): After removing the elastic, wash your mask in a washer-disinfector (less than 60°C) at least once a week.

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BigSides by AnatoScope
Spare Parts

BigSides by AnatoScope





BigSides by AnatoScope

Filter Lock (x 2)



BigSides by AnatoScope

Elastic - Clamp System



UNS1 type - BigSides by AnatoScope

Washable Filter (x 6)



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